The DKT is a professional tiling service of the highest quality. Fully experienced in all aspects of internal & external tiling procedures, from preparation & fixing to cleaning & restoration, we provide a complete tiling service for all applications. Enhance your kitchen or your bathroom with our stylish tile designs or allow us to turn your designs into reality. Our fully trained professional tile fixers can help with advice on designs, colours, enhancing, restoration, sealing & polishing

Our Services include the following:

  • Wall and Floor tiling
  • Bathroom tilling and decorations
  • Mosaic installation

Why Choosing Us

  • Full Support

    offers a full support on every emergency and we are available 24 / 7

    Value for Money

    we do not compromise our services in order to be competitive on cost alone

    Our strong customer focus

    We are passionate about each customer be it residential, commercial or industrial

    Emergency Services

    When you are facing an emergency, you want a fast, professional plumber who can get the job done!

    Quality of our workforce

    DKT has an unwavering focus on the quality of our employees. We believe in investing in our people.

    Solid and proven reputation

    with specialised teams positioned to take on almost any challenge.

    • Commitment To Service

      Over the years, through our commitment to the plumbing industry, the standard of service we provide, whether big or small, by maintaining our value, integrity, honesty and trust within ourselves our company, our staff, our stakeholders and most importantly our customers, we at DKT Plumbing have built and will continue to build and improve on our specialist service, respect and recognition the brand DKT Plumbing has within the industry and the public at large.

    • Leading the way

      In creating a brand that is synonymous with quality, value and great service in every home, office and factory is the reason why DKT Plumbers are and continue to be innovative leaders in the industry.

    • Industry Experience

      DKT Plumbing strength lies not only with ensuring 100% commitment to customers satisfaction but also with the vast wealth of plumbing experience that collectively, lies within the company. We have 4 years of management level experience.This accumulates to vast experience in all facets of the plumbing industry.

  • "Beautiful work, in time, It doesnt even look like i had leakage in my sink! Great – looking forward to your next work!." Tumelo ( leakage of sink)

  • "Very impressive work, really ! By the simplicity of the design and the choice of the tile to do it. ."- Mmapula (Kitchen Tiling) -