About Us

Ditiro ke tsa ona Plumbing and Electrical (Pty) Ltd was founded in September 2014 with the expectations of participating strongly on both private and public sector. The aim of the company is to render services not only on Plumbing and Electrical but also with services such as Tiling, Garmazine. Even though it renders other services of construction, the core focus of the company is to be the major plumbing and electrical player at the construction level.

Ditiro Ke Tsa Ona Plumbing and Electrical (Pty)Ltd is a legally registered and complaint company founded by owners who are committed to the delivery of quality services to maximize the company’s strength in growth and the ability to ensure customer satisfaction. We cater to our client’s unique requirements by providing services and products to the highest standards of quality, reliability and value for money. We strive to be the best in every aspect of our service delivery by fostering a culture of trust, responsibility, high expectation and open communication with our clients and suppliers.

We understand the value and importance of continual improvement by frequently setting and reviewing goals objectives throughout our business operations. We strive to achieve maintenance and construction outcomes that exceeds our client’s expectations. Members have the strategy of making this company the best in rendering services. The company is run by men with good vision, determination, discipline and dedication

Our Vision

1Amongst them all, the vision of the venture is to see the company operating nationwide. Growing into the world’s biggest plumbing and electrical company with empowered partners serving both communities and organizations

Our Mission

2The business intends to create employment and career opportunities locally and abroad. It aims to promote professionalism in the service delivery through skills development programs as well as positioning the owners and staff among the highest service providers.

Our Strength

3 The company is highly confident in maintaining the high-quality standard. It individualizes every service according to client’s needs and preference. It also provides and uses high quality materials that meet the SABS standards It creates an on-going and sustainable relationship with clients. It offers professional advices to clients. It always does all the job required in time.

  • "Beautiful work, in time, It doesnt even look like i had leakage in my sink! Great – looking forward to your next work!." Tumelo ( leakage of sink)

  • "Very impressive work, really ! By the simplicity of the design and the choice of the tile to do it. ."- Mmapula (Kitchen Tiling) -